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What is with unwanted shrimps? Especially hybrids and low grades

May we introduce to you? Shrimp Art hired a new staff member!
This is Mailo the perch and he is full responsible for all culls now!
He works fine, he is a really good hunter and he helped very well to keep the quality of lines high as possible.

We believe in philosophy that serious breeder shouldn’t spread weaker genes arround.

*Add: I posted this in 3 Facebook groups to sensibilize the growing szene for the problems of “selling culls” especially of hybrids. I got some questions fom ppl and I want show my answers here too, because an origin post seems removed by group-admin.

“Mostly those are males with poor color and pattern. Then shrimps of newer crosses which traits or results are unwanted and of course no shrimp with defects should be introduced again into breeding cycle. Also there are several phenotypes and visible characteristics I don’t consider worthy to breed high quality pattern and colors with.”

“It’s really hard to sit back and see how the things going worse in the last years. Tons of bad genes from “crossbreeding” are spread around and there is only one reason to do so. An that calls fast money.

New breeders don’t realize that they never will be able to breed any nice from hybrids in more than 98% of all cases. Especially former breeder let culls mix several generation without aim/ selecting and most worse if it is more than 3 different kind of shrimps involved. There is almost zero chance to control the developing or stable phenotypes.

Selling those culls or hybrids to newbies who don’t know what they do is like cheating and feeding a false dream. It leads into a downward spiral for this wonderful hobby with producing a lot of gene trash and disappointment when the buyer aware after some time. ”

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Green Tiger project. Part I

When i start a new project with shrimps , the very first thing I do is to figure out what i want excactly breed.

I define my target, maybe write it down in my book for personal entries while working with shrimps. Usually it takes some time, could be several years and if I had written down I might remember myself what was the main goal from time to time. Otherwise it could be drifting too far away from that what I rather wanted breed because there is a huge distraction by a lot of other phenotypes that could appear.

One of my current project is trying to breed a green Tiger.

I started in 2016 with a bunch of F2 shrimps where I selected the first breeding group from.

The shrimps I showed in this pics, give me an idea how it could look like, but the genes of F2 for tis phenotype is still a lot unstable. I don’t want breed with to less shrimps either, because this would end up in a weak population very soon by too much inbreeding. Doing a population with less than 7 unrelated shrimps is a no go for me, I avoid to breed with siblings or already inbreeded shrimps.   I prefer  the longer but much more healthier way and sometimes i will do some ‘outcrossings’ ( breed with shrimps which are sure unrelated maybe from a complete different population.


Some F2 generation  of Green Tiger Projekt what could be a good direction. I#m happy that F3 is already on the way! 🙂


project Green Tiger F2 generation


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How we bred the Safari line

Latley tons of cheap and cheapest  tibees  with low qualities floating the market of the shrimp scene world.


This is a sad attempt of the “just dealers” to jump in the success of high end cross breeding. But newbies will get cheated with such shrimps, because it will never possible to breed high grade shrimps with it. They only want you think that.

If you want breed high grade shrimps which can reach high prices on sale and be winners of contests, then you have to invest in the best shrimps that are currently available. Start own breed, lines, new pattern or what ever you want, just and only with high quality shrimps either. You can’t breed high grade from low grades as a rule! You will loose your interest soon.


Very often people ask us how we started with our Safari line and seek advice for own projects..

We don’t want make a secret from this but  after we had told, a lot of Dealers sold their lower shrimps as those we had mentioned because only they had similar names.

Please aware what you buy don’t trust in names only, you will get cheate

Especially when it comes to tiger shrimps:

In earlier publications we mentioned that we had used Caridina mariae. That was right so far to this time no Caridina mariae with backlines was on the market in 2010/2011. Those Caridina mariae with backlines are often cheaper tiger and you could NOT use for breeding similar Safari shrimp.

The worthy head pattern or characteristic stripes wouldn’t appear in that Quality if breed for or with backliners.



We want here make a new anouncement and improve our answer how we breed Safari:

When it comes to the right kind of tiger we ONLY used  old school Caridina mariae “ Black Tiger” dark eyed. And our own breed of these, a bluish kind of tiger with white fan tips sometimes,  which is  known as  “Midnight Prince”.

Look at the pictures below. We used this kind of tigers. No backliners. No tangerine. No cheaper wildcaughts. Use your eyes and judge the quality of Safari Tiger source 😉


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SHRIMP ART parameters

Our  water parameters are as follows:

KH 0-3

Conductivity 150-300 microsiemens

pH 6.2 – 7.2


We use osmosis water  as well as rain water and mineral salt.

We recommend active soils for Bee variants and neutral soils for Tiger variants.

All kind of quality food in very low dosis.

=> We urgently recommend to keep our lines pure.  But of course it’s not a must.

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The real aim of shrimp keeping


  • If you love shrimps and especially if you are new to this great hobby try to grade up and purify existing strains. Creating new by mixing strains is possible but a long and hard way. Just do it if you really know what you going to do.
  • Prove your effort.  It’s why loving these animals or for making money?
  • Don’t support mass breeding. Mass breeding always lead to high loss of quality and gen defects may establish.  Mostly this is irreversible. It kicks the ass of the origin breeder and insults his honor by destroying his line instead of developing. If you buy or sell shrimps out of mass breeding source you are responsible for spreading weak genes with irreversible consequences.
  • Avoid wild caught. A million of options are possible with the existing diversity of freshwater shrimps currently kept in human captivity. It isn’t necessary anymore going on robbing out Mother Nature for “surprising the market with something new”. Several endemic shrimp disappeared forever after doing mass collecting to sell them.
  • Never, really never use antibiotic in your tanks. If you consider the words above, you never will need. You are responsible for establishing bacterial resistance what effects human healthy in dramatically way also.
  • Have fun, care for healthy shrimps with good colors and pattern and enjoy the behavior of your shrimp. Explore these creatures.

Thank you for your respect, you are really a great breeder or keeper.