‘Safari’ Grading System

  The quality of  Safari Shrimps  are divided into three categories. ‘Black’ Grade, ‘Silver’ Grade and ‘Gold’ Grade.     -‘Black’ Grade will have a wide variety of color and pattern. They do not always have the color intensity or brightness as the higher grades and there is usually some clear-ish areas mixed with color […]

Our poster is out!

Hi folks, we have a brand new poster of our Safari line, done by Chris Lukhaup! We printed 1000 pieces!! And the best is, they all will go for free!! Chris will take them on several fairs ( Dortmund/ Paris/ Chicago) and you can get one there. Or you may ask him for the file […]

How we bred the Safari line

Latley tons of cheap and cheapest  tibees  with low qualities floating the market of the shrimp scene world.   This is a sad attempt of the “just dealers” to jump in the success of high end cross breeding. But newbies will get cheated with such shrimps, because it will never possible to breed high grade […]