World’s first ‘Dancing Man’ shrimp Tattoo

Thorsten Lippert and me when visited once

One day recently Thorsten Lippert, who founded one of the best Facebook groups (Lippi’s Garnelenreich) about shrimps in german language and owned the Tattoo Studio  E-Block in Mannheim, Germany contacted me and asked about my permission to doing a tatoo with one of our shrimps.

What’s that for a crazy idea?? Of course, i loved that!

So he did and showed me the result. Please aware that this pics were taken immediately after first session. Other sessions still will be necessary. We hopfully will report about soon!

Stitched by Ron Simic, Germany.

How do you like, so far ? 🙂


Do you have already an own shrimp tattoo?

Please tell us or send us a pic, we would like to present your shrimp tattoo on this side! 🙂











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