Our story in short words.


 2008  Safari line was started when Monika Pöhler started keeping and breeding shrimps by crossing two different Caridina species. (C. mariae x C. logemanni)


2008-2016 she have breeding just this one line as hobbyist but international attention grew along though.  First known as ‘Mo’s crazy shrimps’ and later as ‘Shrimp Art by Monika Pöhler’ she devided the shrimps of Safari line in several sublines and started establishing different colors and pattern.


2016 the first subline  Safari ‘Dancing Man’ was official released


2017 the breeding facilities widen up a bit and several new breeding projects especially with Tiger shrimps started


2018  second subline of Safari ‘Red Tiger’ released




Healthy and vital shrimp are the very basis for successful sustained breeding, and need to get absolute priority before beauty, exclusiveness or mass. ( Monika Pöhler B&K 2014)