Caridina spec. Safari “Dancing Man”, Red & White, Gold Grade


Here we offer one of our best!
A true Dancing Man.
In Red!


A brand new batch offspring from our best high grade tank reached a good size. So we can offer a small amount of High End shrimps of our Safari line.
This line is one of the first and stablest crossbreed line in the world. Those lines are still very rare.
Many Safari shrimp have won awards at National and International contests.

Here we offer one of currently the best in world!
A true Dancing Man.
Gold Grade.
In Red!
See this video

Of course it will inherit the patterns of Safari Line and awesome quality very well and comes with a golden identy coin with own Serialnumber to proof their origin.

Pics of possible parents:

Safari Shrimps are very healthy and feel well with normal Caridina set up. They have no special needs.

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SHRIMP ART parameters

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