My-Fish Podcast interview

Podcast Episode #126: Safari Line This interview is in german language.                 Zu Gast heute: Monika Pöhler mit dem Thema “Safari Line – Garnelenhochzucht vom Profi”. Hast du dir schon einmal Gedanken gemacht, wie man eine eigene Zuchtlinie auf die Beine stellt? Wie muss man selektieren, was […]

Our poster is out!

Hi folks, we have a brand new poster of our Safari line, done by Chris Lukhaup! We printed 1000 pieces!! And the best is, they all will go for free!! Chris will take them on several fairs ( Dortmund/ Paris/ Chicago) and you can get one there. Or you may ask him for the file […]

SHRIMP ART parameters

All our shrimps,  Safari line also are very activ and healthy shrimps.  They feel well with normal Caridina set up. They have no special needs then other Caridina species. Our  water parameters are as follows: KH 0-3 Conductivity 200-300 microsiemens pH 6.2 – 7.2   We use osmosis water  as well as rain water and […]