Midnight Prince come back

Description of  Black Tiger ‚Midnight Prince‘ Name:  Caridina  spec.  Black Tiger ‘Midnight Prince’ Grade system:  as Black Tigers BT0-BT 5  (more details will follow)   Phenotypes selected by: extreme solid black ( OE also) extrem solid blue ( OE also) extrem solid black/blue with thin typically pattern of tiger ancestors, fan tip pattern mostly spider […]

Safari Shrimp Grading System

  The quality of  Safari Shrimps  are divided into three categories. ‚Black‘ Grade, ‚Silver‘ Grade and ‚Gold‘ Grade.     -‚Black‘ Grade will have a wide variety of color and pattern. They do not always have the color intensity or brightness as the higher grades and there is usually some clear-ish areas mixed with color […]

International Shrimp Contest in Sindelfingen Germany December 2017

We finsihed our contest year 2017 with doing two entries to the Tibee-Group at the International Shrimp Contest, Sindelfingen in December 2017 and gained the first AND second place for our breeds! Safari Dancing Man and Safari Red Marble Tiger.   Here are the official judging results of that categogry. Click to enlarge the pic. […]