Myth about half siders / double face shrimps


Though hardly anyone will believe it, the phenotype of halfsider/ two face on caridina shrimp  will inheritable trait.

This is my double face tank and I have crossed Taiwan Bee halfsider with „normal“ Tibee.

Those Tibees had never had half siders / double faces in their pedigree but I got  half sider (30% of offspring) Tibee/ Shadow Tibee in F1 generation..























It’s a fallacy, that  apply inheritance rules of other animal species to shrimps, without proof.

All comments / own experiences are welcome 🙂

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  1. Ali Zainal Abidin Bil Fagih am :

    Yes, I see what You explain on My Neocaridina colony, not always being a halfsider on full body, some of them have halfside color only on the tail, other only around „head“, I see new halfsider on every female hatch the egg, but I’m only see one or maybe maximum 5 new halfsider shrimp, I guess this trait is very not stable yet with My aquarium, need more strict selective breed.

    Thank You, I will learn more by reading Your blog :), Mo

  2. Ali Zainal Abidin Bil Fagih am :

    so, You have seen that halfsider can be inheritable trait to the next generation ?
    in Our aquarium, I see many half sider from Neocaridina, I am trying to keep them, but I see most of them is male shrimp.
    I am interested to discuss more about half sider trait.
    Thank You

    • Hello ALi, I don’t have experience with Neocaridina, but with Caridina the trait can pass on, but in a more complicate way we maybe expect. The more complicate the pattern is so much more complex is the way the ‚half side‘ effect could appear. Not always exactly the full ‚half‘ side is different from the other side, just parts of the pattern could be different too, means just 1/4 , 1/8 until down to just a dot or stripe is different compared to the other half shrimp. Becausse that is such erratic to develope it gets in an undesireable trait when breeding ornamantal pattern that should be more symetric. Hope that it was understandable a bit. Here males and females as well could show this effect of inheriting different pattern on left and right side shrimp.

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