Dancing Man realeased

Dancing Man realease.

Especially here several B/C grades of my Dancing Man Line ( breed from Safari Line) goes half  to Chicago/ USA and other half to Brasil.



SomeDancing Man A grade and SHOW grade:


dmb 14520526_10154124399573198_6466494140332256684_n 14520527_10154124399718198_5311734878451645190_n 14563442_10154124399583198_5435550337015898278_n 14495275_10154124399793198_2672270273491858335_n 14138708_1344009562305681_1224761556340120737_o IMG_3912






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  1. Tracy Lee am :

    Holy moly…..I don’t know what’s coolest about this shrimp…..The shrimp is spectacular but the name…..the name is the best ever. Keep up the great work.

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