The real aim of shrimp keeping


  • If you love shrimps and especially if you are new to this great hobby try to grade up and purify existing strains. Creating new by mixing strains is possible but a long and hard way. Just do it if you really know what you going to do.
  • Prove your effort.  It’s why loving these animals or for making money?
  • Don’t support mass breeding. Mass breeding always lead to high loss of quality and gen defects may establish.  Mostly this is irreversible. It kicks the ass of the origin breeder and insults his honor by destroying his line instead of developing. If you buy or sell shrimps out of mass breeding source you are responsible for spreading weak genes with irreversible consequences.
  • Avoid wild caught. A million of options are possible with the existing diversity of freshwater shrimps currently kept in human captivity. It isn’t necessary anymore going on robbing out Mother Nature for “surprising the market with something new”. Several endemic shrimp disappeared forever after doing mass collecting to sell them.
  • Never, really never use antibiotic in your tanks. If you consider the words above, you never will need. You are responsible for establishing bacterial resistance what effects human healthy in dramatically way also.
  • Have fun, care for healthy shrimps with good colors and pattern and enjoy the behavior of your shrimp. Explore these creatures.

Thank you for your respect.



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