SHRIMP ART parameters

All our shrimps,  Safari line also are very activ and healthy shrimps.  They feel well with normal Caridina set up. They have no special needs then other Caridina species.

Our  water parameters are as follows:

KH 0-3

Conductivity 200-300 microsiemens

pH 6.2 – 7.2


We use osmosis water  as well as rain water and mineral salt.

We recommend active soils for Bee variants and neutral soils for Tiger variants.

All kind of quality food in very low dosis.


=> We urgently recommend to keep our lines pure.  But of course it’s not a must.



Temperatures are between 16° and 27 °C, depending on the season, similar as original habitat of Caridina cf. cantonensis in south china. The lighting is on between 8 and 14 hours a day.

Shrimp regularly take a winter break during which they stopp reproducing. This natural breeding break leads shrimp in harmony with nature. They become strong, healthy with long life. You will be rewarded with high number of offspring in spring/early summer and barely diseases.

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