Green Tiger project – F3 arrived

Green Tiger  F3 is arrived. Offspring spreads a lot. Less than 10% looks similar as greenish. But I hadn’t expect anything else. Look forward to F4 after choose my favorites.

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  1. Thomas Wilkerson am :

    Du liest speak Icklish ? Ich bin Thomas Wilkerson, Ich had ein frage. Ich bin nicht fließend bei alle, so if you can speak English please let me know.

    Danke also veil

    Thomas J Wilkerson

    • Yes, go ahead please 🙂

    • Thomas Wilkerson am :

      Ok great, my name is Thomas Wilkerson. I am very new to the hobby and want to get more emerged into this thrilling hobby. I was wondering if you ever sell any of your line, such as a few individuals so that one could breed from them. The reason I ask is I have heard many great things about your lines and would really like to raise some of them because it is always better to start with top quality. Please get back to me.

      Danke your shrimp are stunning.

    • Thank you very much that’s a honor for me to read 🙂 I just can give away small amount of shrimps after each year breeding season. There is a link above side bar to what is still available yet. A few speciments still left please email me if interested.

    • Thomas Wilkerson am :

      Ok I will definitely check out that page. And thank you again I was wondering if you would sell any of your project tiger greens and your yellow red striped tigers. Also do you ship shrimp ? I apologize as I probably should have emailed this reply to you but after this we shall speak over email.

      Thanks again and as always your shrimp are Immaculate

  2. Elsie malbon am :


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