Midnight Prince come back

Description of  Black Tiger ‚Midnight Prince‘

Name:  Caridina  spec.  Black Tiger ‘Midnight Prince’

Grade system:  as Black Tigers BT0-BT 5  (more details will follow)


Phenotypes selected by:

  • extreme solid black ( OE also)
  • extrem solid blue ( OE also)
  • extrem solid black/blue with thin typically pattern of tiger ancestors, fan tip pattern mostly
  • spider legs

 Other appearing  phenotypes :

  • striped/ trancparency variants (OE also)
  • purple red, extrem rusty
  •  white longitudinal body pattern (rare)
  • bluish cuticle (body) pigments
  • unlike tiger pattern (unwanted)
  • long and small carapace unlike Bee shrimps (unwanted if appears too short)
  • other colors <1%



Story of development/ pedigree:

C. spec. Midnight Prince was  Shrimp Arts  first stable breed that got international attention. A kind of Black Tiger that based mostly on origin Black Tiger of german origin Breeder Kai Quante  and  best OE Blue Tigers that could be found by time of start. Distinct pattern and genes of entire Shrimp Art’s Safari lines based on this kind of Black Tigers used around 2010.

  • 2008-2011 breeding start and developing
  • 2012/13  Midnight Prince published in a japanese shrimp magazine, BK Vol.1  and introduced at Internationales Garnelenchampionat Hannover Germany



  • 2014/2015  unfortunately population broke down to just  a handful pieces. Due to selected the genpool to close (beginner fault), over years
  • 2016/17 Shrimp Art rebuild the strain to keep the worthy genes and interesting phenotypes as priority. Widened up their genpool enormously by inserting  genes of two different Caridina Tiger types in minimal percentage (10-20%) and breed them back to basically true breed  phenotypes described above, made them healthy and strong again.
  • 2018  Midnight Prince Retro  relaunch, origins proofed with Shrimp Art’s  Black Tiger coin.



More about Midnight Princes in old german blog archive ‘Mo’s Crazy Shrimps’


5 Kommentare zu “Midnight Prince come back

  1. hello Mo….is the blue one still being worked on? is it stable enough?

  2. Hyunbae Lee am :

    Hi. I saw some of them in Breeders’n’Keepers and i didn’t know Midnight Prince had this much varied phenotype. Every each of them is such a beauty. I just wonder that this Midnight Prince is pure(a point of view in species like Caridina mariae or C. logemanni) strain of C. mariae or somewhat hybrided with other species like taiwan bee shrimp or C. logemanni.

  3. laszlo tresanszki am :

    Been so long since I have heard from you.. no posts on youtube and facebook I don’t have.. miss your videos..
    I have successfully bread 1 dancing man and lots of different midnight prince variations.. mostly black and red.. very beautiful..
    Thank you for your inspiration.. pls. Post soon .
    Thank you
    Laszlo Tresanszki

    • Oh yes Laszlo! I guess i went a bit lazy here, sorry. Yes right now I’m more active at FB or Instagram because its so so easy and fast that a short clip or pic can be shared. But i stil would like do some updates here also, but not sure about i shell do at fisrt! so many options 😉 ! Share your pics of Dancing Man and Midnight Princes!

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