Sindelfingen Shrimp Contest December 2018

We were delighted to attend one of the best organized Shrimp Contest oft he world, many  very nice details proved the love and passion for shrimps  and of that organizer team.


 A MUST for every  certain breeder and good choice to meet friends and doing shrimp chats all the time 😉

We had a lot of shrimp  fun and success  during the weekend and  we visited a breeder that been living nearby.


Here all winner shrimps  are listed with pics


Shrimp Art results Shrimp contest Sindelfingen
* 3rd place Categorie Classic Shadow
* 3rd place Categorie Red Bee
* 3rd place Categorie Tibee
* 2nd place Categorie Bolt/ Snow…
* 2nd place Categorie Tibee
* 1st place Categorie Tiger
* 1st place Categorie Tibee


International Judging Team.


Home again. All shrimps made it well and back in home tanks now. The prices and feedback we got were overwhelming! Many thanks for all sponsors and whole organisation! The year couldn’t end better.


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