Shrimp Art Festival Omaha Nebraska USA

Shrimp Art Festival is coming!

To complement the range of events for freshwater shrimp breeders we decided to held the Shrimp Art Festival very first time in Omaha Nebraska USA 2019 and we want shout out many thanks to Jerry Asper ( Shrimp Boutique) for help giving it a birth and coorganising!

Our centrally located event, organized from breeders to breeders, offers a great opportunity for all shrimp lovers to meet shrimp friends, make new and learn more about this amazing hobby.

Home-breeders are invited to trade/sell their shrimp, offspring or other aquatics and let their best stuff shine in our Shrimp Art Exhibition. The best entries will be awarded as well the ‘Grand Champion’ will be elected.

At our held breeder convention we workout and discuss important topics around breeding shrimps. 
Our referrers drop interesting personal experience and a DIY-workshop will be offered also.

Mainly we hope to have a shrimp fun weekend all together while we do a party in the evening as well beside all that, crazy near to 100% shrimp stuff in a rustic, friendly atmosphere.

More detailed info about each point will drop with time.


Friday 3:00 PM
-Unofficial day, arriving, meet, help set up (if you want), drop shrimp entries

Saturday 11:00 AM 
-Shrimp and aquatics swap & sell market (11-5)
-Shrimp Art Awards
-VIP Dinner / Party

Sunday 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM (*VIP Passes only, no public)
-Breeder convention, interactive exchange 
-Exhibition Great Champion
-Lecture I
-Lecture II

Feel free to write us comments or ask questions.

Official event page and more Info:


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