Shrimp Art Festival in Nebraska USA 2019

We are happy to meet you at place at

Millard American Legion

Post 374 13913 S St,

Omaha, NE 68137! 🙂

Festival Programm


11:00 AM Jerry Asper Festival opening 

Shrimp exhibition

Swap & sell market 

2:00 PM Michael Esposito talks about his personal experiences with the shrimp hobby and gives valuable tips and tricks for newcomers 

3:00 PM Monika Pöhler talks about the shrimp exhibits 

 4:00 PM German facility engeneer Michael Hansjürgens shows how to build an air loop for multiple tank filtration 

5:00 PM public exclusion 

6:00 PM Kevin Calhoun Announcement of the award winners, followed by dinner and celebration


 11:00 AM Jerry Asper Evaluation of the Grand Champion 

12:00 AM Erik Lucas lectures about shrimp grading 

1:00 PM Ray Haas lectures about entry level beginning of selection to improve shrimps. Practical ways to separate shrimps, identifying traits which to work with 

3:00 PM Breeder convention leaded by Monika Pöhler, moderated by Shawna Calhoun, Michael Esposito, Erik Lucas, Ray Haas and Kevin Calhoun 

5:00 PM end of event

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