Our story in short words.


 2008  Monika Pöhler started keeping and breeding freshwater pet shrimps by crossing two different Caridina species. (C. mariae x C. logemanni)

mainly. Also started her Black Tiger strain ‚Midnight Princes‘


2010  Safari line started


20010-2016 she have breeding just this two line as hobbyist but international attention grew along though.  First known as ‚Mo’s crazy shrimps‘ and later as Shrimp Art released as www.shrimp-art.com.

She devided the shrimps of Safari line in several sublines and started establishing different colors and pattern. Always she shared knowledge about breeding experience in interviews and magazines.


Healthy and vital shrimp are the very basis for successful sustained breeding, and need to get absolute priority before beauty, exclusiveness or mass. ( Monika Pöhler B&K 2014)


2016-2018  Official release of   Safari ‚Dancing Man‘ was official released, Safari : ‚Red Tiger‘  and Midnight Prince retro 

Several new breeding projects especially with Tiger shrimps started.

She travelled in  a lot of countries for beeing judge at international shrimp contests and started work how to define international standards for Caridina  crossbreeds.


2019   more projects come along…..