Mixed Tibees

Developed  since 2008  by selective breeding  with aim of tiger pattern  and white body. Sometimes known as Fancy Tiger.
These shrimp are strongly related to my other lines and
can keep all phenotypes from mid to high grade in a mix.

Safari shrimp, shadow tiger and shadow tibee in offspring are possible also.

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Midnightprince / Shadow Tiger

Selection criterias:
– vitality
– color quality
– full colored body
–  slight, gentle and white pattern of tiger sought
–  head pattern is pleasant

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Safari Tiger

Because only a special kind of tiger shrimp used for cross breeding, very nice, high ornamentical pattern are possible.

Selection criterias:
– vitality
– color quality
– white body with tiger pattern (stripes)
– full colored  body ( 80-100%)
-head pattern as tiger shrimp has or minimum spots.

Aim: stable pattern.

Pictures were taken during different developmental stages ( fancy tiger/ white tiger/ shadow tiger).

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